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Worst app ever!!!

This app just doesnt work. Trouble loading, does not update results, no new news, freezes, etc., etc., etc. Broken software. Developers are high on contraband.

Hide Scores Does Not Hide Record

So frustrated by the new app. When I want to watch a replay of a game I have to try to block my own vision to just see the team logos, as the records give away who won or lost. Not only this, but changes to the Apple TV app are also frustrating and annoyingly slow. Please modify soon!


HAHAHA. This app is a freakin embarrassment. I honestly think it is the worst app I have ever tried to use. No exaggeration. The makers of this app are a joke. NBA just keeps disappointing in every aspect

"This is taking longer than expected"... ya think!

Review for AppleTV.. whether I get the statement as stated in the title where I cant even log-in, or having to restart my Apple TV just to get NBA App to refresh is a joke. I dont have Cable but do have League Pass through my internet provider so seeing that I cant watch some many Thunder games because its blacked out and telling me I can watch it on local TV (I live in Las Vegas and Lakers, Clippers, & Kings games are all blacked out unless you have cable with Fox Sports channels) needs to change. I pay for your service NBA, not to any cable provider. Give me the games I pay for and fix your app!

Worst version!!!

I have being using NBA app for past several years for most NBA games. I have received a huge disappointment from the version this year. Every apple app has developed more convenient for their users, but I have no idea why NBA, such a huge association, or trying to the biggest of the nation, made worse(could be the worst) to their users. Smfh.

Highlights serious Software Development Issues

Really disappointed with the NBA App. Last year’s app was more stable and whole lot better. I am not quite sure what happened. I work in I.T. What I presume is that there were likely some changes on the Development Team. If so, Management needs to re-hire those Software Developers. What type of code are you guys using to create this app. The App that was created last year was better and more stable. All that is needed is to reference the source code from last year’s app and merely make some minor feature enhancements/updates. Was there a change in terms of Project Management. Please consider using Agile as a software development methodology. The NBA, as an organization, has vast financial resources. Ineptitude such as this really should not be allowed and this is easily avoided


The NBA app developers need to get it together

The worst app Ive ever used

Seriously. An embarrassment not just to the NBA, but to the concept of technology.

Terrible streaming, too many ads before play

This app is by far the worst sports app for watching video that there is. You might as well just drop Chromecast support because it never works, I usually end up wasting an entire quarter just trying to get it to connect.

Since update

Since the update this app has been the worst! It glitches none stop and doesnt update automatically like the previous one. I dont know why they changed the prior version but it was much much better than this one. There are app with no budget whatsoever that perform better than this multi million dollar NBA app.

App not fixed

While the app is pretty it doesnt function properly and you cant see scores nor watch games on app as you want. This app is not equipped like previous season

Needs month to month

League Pass needs to have an option to choose from month to month or full price for those of us who wants to purchase League Pass but cant afford to pay full price. There need to be a choice for that instead of one option.

Logo is nice

Cancelled my local sports tv subscription to save money since subscribing to league pass turns out to be cheaper. However after installing it in my Apple TV, it cant even get through the opening page and it just says "This is taking longer than expected" below the NBA logo.


Could be better


The app is extremely frustrating to use. Its a disappointing downgrade from last year, which wasnt that good to begin with. Its baffling why an organization with NBAs resources cant get a working app. Embarrassing.

Crap on Apple TV

Wont even load after the last update. It just says "This is taking longer than it should" and spins forever. You actually pay people to write this kind of code?

Doesnt even open on Apple TV

I technically shouldnt be able to give the app a star. It wouldnt even open, even after going through all of Apples recommended troubleshooting until I got to "contact the app developer", which is why Im here. From reading the rest of these reviews I can only thank the grace of god for not purchasing league pass before I tried the app.

Poor update

Horrible....simply horrible. Please go back to last years format.

Apple Watch app not working at all

The iPhone app is working fine for me, but on the watch, the logo just spins forever. Not sure what the problem is. Ive tried deleting, reinstalling, etc...

Horrible! Very slow app...bad design


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