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5 steps backwards....and lets get non active player stats as well as statistical info on prior years..leaders...trades..salaries...coaches...gmss atbat app makes this one look like a minor league app...get going NBA ...make it the great app it should be...stop fooling around and get to work..the season is right around the corner...

Downright terrible. Worthless

Like watching League Pass? Do you also like frozen videos that seem to only work when playing the same 30 second ads? Then this is the app for you. Hope you enjoyed paying $200 to NOT watch games on iPad or iPhone. And dont forget, order now so you can get the "format error" message for free. Also get the "hide score" setting that still provides the win-loss record and headline that ruins any suspense.

Horrible, Horrible, Terrible

Yeah, sure. Ill throw another log on this fire...Only my third time reporting in the last week, as if someone might read this(?) People rely on NBA League Pass for more than entertainment. I need access to out-of-market games to study players and teams, as Im sure others use it in a similar way to manage their fantasy teams. As it stands, this app on unusable on both iPhone and iPad. Too much time to load when launching. I have been able to figure out the new and confusing interface, but the response to touch is really sluggish. I am only able to watch archived games - live action quits after about 30 seconds. About 50% of the time, the content displays as if it doesnt know what day or time it is - just fired up the phone and yesterdays scores are showing halftime. Looks like you have your work cut out for you...

This app is terrible

Constant data hog, never responds, my 2 year old could have created a better app.


Games play for 3 seconds then shuts off. TERRIBLE

Huge step back

Where do I start? Layout is terrible, it lags when trying to scroll through games, and the league pass? Last season was good, hardly any issues. This season so far has been a huge step back in quality, reliability, and the frustrations dont end there. Whos bright idea was it to make you watch a 30 second commercial before you can even watch the games youve already paid for???!!! Oh and lets not mention the fact every broadcast has been riddled with freezing, cutting out, and of course to get back into the game, yep gotta watch that commercial again. This happened no less than 10 times for 1 game! Its seriously unreal how bad this app and league pass in general has been so far this season.


On the verge of canceling LP. Cant cast live games. Either never loads or starts over with pre-game. Constantly freezes. NBA should be embarrassed. Maybe they need to consult ESPN App developer, which is great app. Dont spend your hard earned money on NBA LP Until they fix this CRAP!!!!

New version

The most recent update is a lot better than and the layout is a lot more efficient. Good job on correcting it because the last one was a mess.

Terrible update

Wont play on iPad, wont play on phone, wont play chromecast, wont play on Apple TV.....$200 piece of garbage. The NBA should be embarrassed of this app...robbing ppl of their money. THX NBA


App developers need some serious help. This update is horrible!


Too buggy keeps crashing and live feed freezing!!!!!!! I payed 200 for league please fix or refund money

Extremely Disappointed user

This is probably one of the most pathetic apps for such a popular product. Its like the more money the league makes, the worse the developers they find are to build their apps. I BOUGHT League Pass. I shouldnt have to watch ANY ADS, let alone 30(!) second ads every time I try to watch or switch games. Even worse is that the ads are for league pass which Im paying $200 for already. None of these issues were there last year. Another issue is I cant even get a game to stream properly. Itll work for 5 seconds then freeze. Box score layouts are atrocious and I cant switch games I want to watch within a game or check stats from other games while Im watching. This functionality was there last year. Its like Im back in 2007 or something. This is beyond ridiculous for how much subscribers pay.

Go back to last year

This is a horrible upgrade, if you can even call it that


This new upgrade is terrible!!! Its so difficult and I cant get access as much information as I was in the old version. Please bring back the old gametime version!

What the heck happened?!

Have been a league pass subscriber for a couple of years. Never had a problem until this season. This new app needs a lot of work. Chromecast simply does not work. PS4 app doesnt work either. Constant freezing. I have WWE network, Netflix and Hulu and I game online. Never have one issue. So my internet is fine. I really hope they fix this.

Doesnt work at all

This app freezes every time. Updated, reloaded, several times, and tried to use several devices, but still doesnt work. Please do something.


Pretty bad when app will not even load most times. Why cant you fix this? NBA is huge and you need to do better. There will be a lot of disappointed fans. Good when it runs properly.

Cant leave NBA store

I cant return to regular NBA app from the NBA store there is no way back button to return to the regular App Store this is infuriating please fix this

Horrible Disappointment.

I thought the NBA was concerned with their image. Does the NBA not understand that this generation of entertainment consumers view an app as a representation of the organization? I love the NBA, but the Association is obviously incompetent in the use of technology and ignorant of the value their fan base places in well executed applications. The NBA should fire those responsible for this app and make a focused effort to fix this increasingly important method for sports/entertainment consumption immediately. iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, all the NBA apps are unbelievably bad. Apple, just so you are aware. I watch the NBA app on my Roku- it just works.

So bad

If part of your justification is "hey, Ill be able to watch games on my iPad," think again. This is up there for the worst app ever award. Ive spent more time trying to reload and resign in than I ever have watching games.

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